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deviation in storage by Aidontknow
Awesome stuff i've found while browsing DA :heart:




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Dancer Rose by Natsunohuyana
Dancer Rose
Bet you guys didn't know i used to be a dancer

But I've seen a few lovely fanarts of Rose as a dancer and of course I loved it so headcanon accepted

On Tumblr - here
Tattooed Vriska
I know I said I was too sick to draw buuut I drew this yesterday in a sick trance sort of thing and I barely remember drawing it but it was v well received on tumblr so here I am posting it here. My first time drawing upd8 art in like over a year i think
Glowy Bubbline
There are very many mistakes in this buuuut it got a decent response on tumblr so I figured I'd post it here too. I always see pictures of rly pretty beds with drapery around them and lights put up and i kinda wanted to draw that sort of thing with Marcy and PB. Anyway I got sick now so I may have to slow down a little bit with the arting until im better

On Tumblr - here
Hunter Nep
So I tried a new coloring and linearting style for this, and I kind of like it? although it took forever. Also tail animations suck and they suck doubly when you do them wrong the first time and have to start over. But I've always wanted to do a badass Nep since I almost always draw her cute and fluffy

On Tumblr - here
Vriska redraw
so this is sorta kinda a redraw of this Vriska Serket only with a different pose and using a color palette. That was one of the first Vriskas I drew, back when I was first getting into Homestuck.  Maybe I'll redraw some other stuff soon idk

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I'm just casually going to watch you, homestuck and Maximum Ride oh gosh~
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Hello, excuse me if i'm bothering, but i think someone stole some of your art They seem to have done this to a few others as well and i'm notifying them as well.  ^^;
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babybee1 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
happy birthday you are one of my favorite artist on here hope it's great!
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Happy early Birthday! Have your cake and eat it tooParty
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